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How the tournament will take place in Germany

Germany will host the European Football Championship 2024 – but has not yet qualified itself. What is still to be prepared? In which mode is the game played? The most important questions and answers.

18 years after the 2006 World Cup, Germany will once again host a major men’s football tournament. The European Championship will take place here in 2024. Germany prevailed in the selection against Turkey, which failed in its bid for the fourth time in a row after the European Championships in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Now Germany has six years to prepare itself for the competition. What is still to be done? Where will the games take place? And what did the decision mean financially for the country? The most important questions and answers.

What was the result?

Quite clearly. Germany received twelve votes, Turkey only four. There was one abstention.

What does the decision mean for the DFB?

For Reinhard Grindel, the award was probably particularly important. Due to the debate about the resignation of Mesut Özil and his accusations of racism, the DFB President had recently come under severe criticism. This success should relieve Grindel for the time being.

What were the initial reactions?

“We are very hospitable and open, we want to show that,” said EM Ambassador Philipp Lahm shortly after the announcement. “I would like to thank him very much for his confidence. I feel a sense of responsibility,” said DFB CEO Grindel. You can read further reactions here.

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What else does Germany have to prepare?

Relatively little. Not much needs to be changed at the stadiums after the 2006 World Cup, but rather smaller adjustments are needed. “In terms of orientation, special transport infrastructure projects are neither planned nor necessary,” wrote Uefa. By 2024, the federal government plans to invest eight billion euros independently of the European Championship, including 270 new kilometres of motorway.

Will the EM be a financial gain or loss for Germany?

At the 2006 Home World Cup, the DFB had generated a net profit of over 50 million euros, with a total of 90 million euros flowing into the treasury. Even now, Germany should again benefit financially despite the investments in stadiums and infrastructure. Of any profits made by the umbrella association, 15 percent will remain in the country. In addition, there are millions in income in the tourism sector.

Which cities will host the EM?

In 2020, the European Championships will be held in twelve countries across Europe (in Germany, it will be played in Munich). Four years later there will be only one host country, Germany. The DFB has selected ten stadiums for the tournament. Nine of them already served as venues at the 2006 World Cup, only Düsseldorf will be added as a location. The other European Championship cities are: Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen and Frankfurt. Nuremberg, Hanover, Mönchengladbach and Bremen failed in the German preselection.

When will the participants be determined?

It will be a long time before then. The qualification will start at the earliest after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. An exact timeframe has not yet been set.

Does national coach Joachim Löw still have a contract?

It wasn’t now. After the latest extension in May, his contract will only run until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. “Thinking so far ahead is difficult for a coach,” said Löw himself. If the coach were still on the bench at the 2024 European Championship in Germany, he would have been in office for 18 years.

Is Germany automatically qualified as host?

Most likely. Exactly that is not yet certain. Traditionally, however, the host is automatically allowed to participate in the tournament. This has been the case since the tournament was held in 1980. Previously, the host had only been determined after the field of participants had already been determined.

How does the ticket allocation work?

Those who want to experience the European Championships in the stadium must purchase tickets directly from the Uefa. However, the sales launch will probably not take place before the summer of 2023. Also at the tournament in France the first tickets went to the spectators only one year before the start of the European Championship. Tickets could still be purchased until 1 February 2016. People can always get their money back because of the Bwin Bonus and surely it is full of luck.

How many teams will take part and what is the mode like?

Already for the European Championship 2016 in France the number of participants was increased to 24 teams. As things stand at present, this number also applies to the tournament in Germany. Two years ago, a group phase was followed by the round of sixteen. So far it looks as if this mode will be maintained as well. Then the best third-placed players in the group would again make progress.

How often has Germany hosted the European Championships?

The second European Championships in Germany will take place in 2024. The tournament was last held in Germany in 1988.